King Of Spin 2k17

Garwin Beukes - Windhoek Spin City (WSC) promised a groundbreaking, earth-shattering and tyre-burning King Of Spin 2k17 and they certainly lived up to their words.

WSC mentioned that this year's event would be bigger and better than last year and the show did not disappoint.

Although several car events took place on Saturday, 30 September, WSC was packed as many spin enthusiasts had made their way to the venue. Starting off as a hot, sunny day, by the afternoon Mother Nature sent dark clouds and a quick rain shower. Although the show came to a stop momentarily, the audience and spinners alike displayed a never give up attitude and weren't deterred by the change of weather.

At WSC, the usual kapana stalls, DJs and live music was on the menu for the day and Monster Energy, the main sponsor of WSC, gave away some cool hampers.

“Windhoek will come to a standstill,” WSC said, adding that there are bigger cash prizes were on the table this year as well as more hampers. All the spinners who felt they can handle the heat joined the competition. “Not only for the bragging rights, but to claim some of the benefits of winning the competition.”

Smoke, tyres burning, and engines roaring – WSC was the biggest spin show thus far!

Keep an eye out on their Facebook page for their next event!