Garwin Beukes - As a follow up article to buying a car with over 200k km’s on, we decided to tackle the problem and guide you into having a healthy car at 200k km.

Needless to say, ensuring that your car is in the best possible condition may be very costly to maintain but doing this will cost you a lot less at the later stages of the car’s lifespan and will ensure that your car remains in outstanding condition.

Here’s a little how-to guide after you car’s service plan and warranty have expired:

  • Do your vehicle service at a brand ensured service provider on time.
  • Replace worn items with original parts. A few exceptions, including wiper blades, can be made.
  • Do frequent check ups.
  • Wash your car regularly and park in the shade. This will save your car's paint and interior from ageing quickly.
  • Don't race over a speed-hump. The number of speed-humps in Namibia’s towns are ridiculous. Drive slowly over them to save your suspension.

Next week we’ll go in depth on topics including moving over to 10 000km service intervals as we approach 200k km’s on the odometer.