Maintenance: Changing Air Filters

Garwin Beukes - Having your car serviced regularly is of utmost importance. Spending a few thousands on your dealer, however, isn't always possible. So let's tackle a few aspects of your cars service you can DIY.

The Air filter

Your car's air filter is changed once a year, or every 20 000 kilometres, depending on your car's state and the service provider.

Replacing your air filter takes no more than 10 minutes! The first step would be acquiring a new air filter from your vehicle dealer or at a motor vehicle parts distributor.

The actual change - after lifting the bonnet, identify the rectangular black box, usually clipped down on the sides. If you cannot locate the air filter, check your owner's manual.

When you open the box, observe how the filter was fitted (take a picture if possible) and remove the filter. Insert the new one correctly (refer to the photo you took for correct placement).

Close the box and you're ready to go.

Easy right?!