The Morning Commute

Garwin Beukes - For the few that started work early in Windhoek, the past few weeks have been a breeze. All of that is however over. With most businesses reopening and the schools starting early, traffic jams and long queues are back.

Avoiding long rows might be hard but not entirely impossible.

Everyone knows what the worst time is to be driving in Windhoek - mornings, lunch hour and directly after work in the evenings.

For those who drive alone to work, there are a few cheats to avoiding the dreaded traffic:

Get yourself a healthy morning hobby.

I know there's no use in driving exceptionally early, missing traffic but having nothing to do at work or even having to wait for the doors to open at your work.

One thing to consider might be, joining a fitness centre close to your work place.

For those living in residential areas including Rocky Crest, Khomasdal or Otjomuise it can take 30 minutes or more to reach your destination during peak time. Well if you're up early enough and head to a local gym you miss the entire rush.

And for those heading home - only driving at least 30 minutes later after you've knocked off saves you a lot of stress and could be easier on your pocket as well.

Next week we'll talk about the bad and surprisingly, the good of driving in lunch time traffic.