What to check when traveling over long distances

Garwin Beukes - ​The festive season is upon us and most Namibians will be traveling by car from their homes to other destinations.

Before hopping into your car, there are a few important checks to ensure you arrive at your last stop safely.

These checks can be done at home but if you do not feel comfortable, get a professional mechanic to go through them for you.

In this week’s addition we'll focus on what to follow up on under your hood.


  • Check the Oil level using the dipstick.
  • Check the coolant level in your radiator and its reserve. The radiator is filled with an antifreeze solution. (Remember not to open the radiator cap while engine is still hot)
  • Check the clutch/ brake fluid level.
  • Check the power-steering fluid level.
  • Check the windscreen washer fluid level.

Now that the fluids are done, check your air filter. Providing clean air to your car's engine is vital for its performance. There are usually two options, depending on the state of your air filter. Either cleaning it or completely replacing the whole thing.

Next week we'll cover all the must checks on the exterior of the car followed by an in depth topic on air filters, how to clean them and why you would install a performance cold air induction.

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