Garwin Beukes - Every year many lives are lost in accidents involving cattle. The B1 road leading from Windhoek to Rehoboth, is one of the biggest contributors to the human / animal road accidents.

Cattle grazing just beside the road has always been an avoidable problem that has really never been taken care of. Commuters who travel to and from Rehoboth, say that finding donkeys or cows on the road is common and that travelling on this road at night is a serious risk.

The cover image was taken close to the Brakwater area and depicts the free roaming cattle close to the road.

What you can do:

  • Be vigilant when driving, especially when light conditions are poor.
  • If the cattle herd has any visible tags, take a photo of the tag number and report it to your local police station.
  • Report, report and report. The local police cannot do anything if they do not know about it. The owners of the cattle are fined a hefty sum for leaving their cattle unattended in an unfenced area.