Garwin Beukes - One of the biggest driving sins out there must be the use of a smart phone while driving.

It's a fact that taking your eyes of the road for a few seconds can be life changing. Most of us can testify to the phrase “it all happened so fast”.

One of the first reasons that should be good enough to have you stop this practice, is the fact that it's illegal in Namibia. I remember, two years ago I received my first (and last) fine for taking a call while driving. Policemen are trained to spot the notion and my reasoning didn't make any difference.

Two years back I was smacked with a N$2000 fine, which had me cancel my entire festive plans. While taking a call and driving is already a terrible offence, some of us go the extra mile and text or hop onto social media sites while driving.

Taking one hand of your steering wheel is a risk in itself, this coupled with taking your eyes of the road and focusing on something else is a recipe for disaster. Think of your passengers, think of the other drivers on the road and think of the pedestrians who cross the road.

Taking five minutes to park your vehicle and finish your business shouldn't be too much for you to do.

Let's be responsible this festive season.