NamStance: Senior Park

Garwin Beukes - Motoring group, Namstance, hosted a fun day for pensioners on Saturday, 7 April at the Senior Park Housing Unit old-age home in Pionierspark.

The fun day titled ‘1950's’, started around 14h00. Lowered cars and shiny rims filled the old-age home's parking lot. Photographers had the old-timers pose with the vehicles as well as having them explore the vehicles’ luxuries.

After the afternoon braai, pensioners were treated to a dance. All funds generated from the dance and photography session were donated to the pensioners.

Local boxing sensation, Anthony Jarman, and runner up of Miss Namibia 2017, Romilly Mouton, also attended the event.

Ham Haukongo, the newly elected care taker of Senior Park Old Age Home, said he was delighted with the initiative. He believed, “a few residents become lonely at times, not everyone here receives visitors”.

Haukongo said he has a lot planned for the future of Senior Park.