Passenger Vehicle and SUV Sales So Far

Barry De Klerk - As with the bakkie sales in Namibia, certain passenger vehicle models have slowly been growing, while others have gone down.

In comparison with the 2455 new bakkies sold during January to July, only 1128 new passenger vehicles were sold. A total of 929 new SUV’s were sold during this period. It is becoming clearer that Namibians prefer new bakkies over new sedans or hatchbacks. There a lot of other contributing factors to why the sales of passenger vehicles are so low.

According to the statistics for the period January to July, the bestselling car of the year so far is the Volkswagen Polo Vivo with a total of 226 units sold. The second bestselling car for the first half of the year is the Volkswagen Polo Hatchback (5-door) with a total of 126 units sold.

In January a total of 207 passengers cars were sold, while in July 158 units were sold. This shows that there had been a decline in sales. Car dealerships hope that this will be turned around during the second half of the year.

The best-selling sedan of the period is the Toyota Corolla, a total of 75 units were sold, while Volkswagen’sPolo Sedan sold 47 units. The second best selling 5-door hatchback was the Volkswagen Polo with a total of 126 sold. Kia’s Picanto sold the third most with 78 units in the same group.

In the 3-door hatchback category Mini had the only vehicle with a total of two sold so far. In the Cabriolet group the Mazda MX-5 and Mini Convertible sold one unit each. The best-selling coupe of the period was the Mercedes C-Class with five units sold. Two BMW 2-Series were sold in the same category.

Honda’s HR-V was the best-selling Crossover vehicle with four sold. Renault’s Captur sold the second most, with three units. The MPV category’s bestselling vehicle is the Mercedes V-Class and seven were sold. The second-best selling vehicle in the category was the Mercedes Vito and it sold six units.

The best-selling SUV of the year from January to July is the Toyota Fortuner with 171 units sold.Toyota’s RAV 4 is the second-best selling SUV, 98 units were sold. Statistics for the rest of the year and this month will be published on a later date.

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