Buy Now, Drive Now, Pay in 90 Days!

Namibians are well aware that the first half of the year is a certified diamond mine of public holidays. We watch as strategic vacationers enjoy a series of extended weekends, while those of us (who are a little less crafty!) make the most of the treasures that are closer to home.

Crafty or not, we can all agree that a cluster of public holidays can really leave a hole in your pocket. In light of that, what a pleasure it is to find relief in another kind of holiday:

Pupkewitz Motor Division and Standard Bank Namibia have teamed up to bring you the ultimate payment holiday. Buy a selected vehicle and look forward to a 3-month payment break before your first installment. Don’t believe it?

Well, convince yourself soon because this outrageous offer is valid only until the 10th of June! Extending across the range of Pupkewitz brands and vehicle favourites; select models from Toyota, Datsun, Volkswagen, Nissan, Honda, GWM, Pre-Owned Vehicles and Hino make up the list of an opportunity not to be missed.

Applications can be processed in as soon as 24 hours, with N$25 000 shopping vouchers up for grabs in a lucky draw. Visit Pupkewitz Motor Division on Facebook for the details of this exciting offer.

Because every now and then your pocket needs a public holiday too!

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