Performance exhaust

Garwin Beukes - If you take a drive through Windhoek's Central Business District (CBD) during peak time, or just hang around the Khomasdal suburb long enough, you're bound to hear a Polo Vivo with louder-than-usual sound emitting from the exhaust.

'Why?' is what usually comes to mind. Is it just to show off? Well, not exactly.

Installing a performance exhaust system to your vehicle will add some power to your engine. A custom exhaust system provides more room for gases to escape and leads to the improved combined burning of fuel and air, which in turn creates more power.

The first thing you'll notice will be the change in the exhaust tone. It will be a bit louder. I personally fail to hear the engine run during the low range of certain cars, and prefer to fit a custom exhaust to avoid the engine cutting out.

Not all exhaust systems give off a high pitch sound though. Brand, pipe diameter, pipe bend, silencer boxes and a few more factors contribute to your vehicle performance and sound.

Catch us next week as we tackle Performance exhaust systems.