Protective window tinting

Garwin Beukes - So how effective is it really?

There are various brands of protective window tinting available, and they usually come at a higher than average price. But what is it? Well basically, a strong film based tint that keeps your window from falling in and makes it exceptionally difficult to get in.

A few weeks back a colleague of mine had their window smashed in and fortunately he had the Lamin8 anti smash and grab security film installed. Although the window was completely shattered the film kept the window in place and the robbers from getting in. With the hard bashing noise and sounding alarm, the robbers fled the scene.

The film works as an agent to slow down the intruder. With a lot of force it is possible to completely remove the window.

When involved in an accident the film will keep you from glass splinters. Another advantage would be the heat protection on people inside the vehicle for long periods of time, as well as the protection against fading interior.

So is it worth the price? I would definitely say so.

Available from most accessory fitment shops.

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