Garwin Beukes - The two things every potential car buyer wants is a good price and some quality service. At times we compromise one to get the other.

Some road users who have bought there fair share of new or previously owned cars will tell you that they usually buy vehicles at one company or one group of companies that they find suitable.

Not because their prices are necessarily the cheapest, but because thereʼs a sense of reliability trust and a grin on your face every time you leave the dealer. That folks, is what we call “service”.

Recently I discovered a place that really ignited my interests. This came after I entered the building asking for directions and the next moment calling my banker to confirm if I qualified for vehicle finance on a Ford Kuga they have stocked.

Pupkewitz Auto and their sales team, Fernando Bock and Richard Tjikongo who are situated at Marien Ngouabi street next to Pupkewitz Honda are the definition of a car dealership you build a life long bond with.

NamAuto Pupkewitz Auto
NamAuto Pupkewitz Auto
NamAuto Pupkewitz Auto
NamAuto Pupkewitz Auto
NamAuto Pupkewitz Auto

The dealership who is parted with another which is situated in Windhoekʼs Southern Industrial area, stocks previously owned vehicles, most of which have impressively low mileage.

Upon my visit I encountered a 2015 Concept Line Polo Vivo, which had but 39 000 kilometers on itʼs dash.

There after I stumbled on the 2016 Ford Kuga, which had even lower mileage on.

These are but few examples of the great packages this dealer has.

The cherry on the cake is, the dealership has a special running for the whole of September stating that customers buying cars in the month of September through vehicle finance will have a two month vacation on their monthly installment, paying only in the early stages of December.

On the topic of vehicle finance this specific dealer helps you with your application for vehicle finance through their partnerships with our banks and ensures that you are assisted promptly.

Too good to be true? Give them a try yourself!

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