Pupkewitz Toyota Parts

Garwin Beukes - Being an official Vehicle brand parts dealership should be crazy at times. Considering the ranges of vehicles Toyota has produced, catering for everyone won’t always be possible.

Picture this: the first Toyota Corolla (E10) was introduced back in 1966, since it’s inception it moved on ten generations to the current 11th generation Toyota Corolla. Of those 11 Corolla generations each had a series of models, this inclusive of engine range, body specs and a few other factors. This is but only the Corolla. Toyota has produced hundreds of other vehicles as well.

Stocking all the parts for the series of Toyota Corolla's alone would be absurd. So think about this next time you demand a part for your ‘Dankie Botswana’.

Amazing enough, this dealership through their enormous store room and ordering service usually gets what you’re looking for.

They stock a extreme vast variety from panels to mechanical parts mostly stocked through two categories, “fast movers and service parts”.

Speaking to Eric Rösemann, parts manager at Pupkewitz Toyota in Windhoek, he says the company orders parts daily from Johannesburg and usually takes three working days to reach the client (four days for the branch in the north).

Rösemann says that the biggest seller currently is service parts and insists that keeping your Toyota genuine is of utmost importance.

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