Rushing somewhere?

​It seems that the all new Toyota Rush is the main topic in the Namibian motor industry these days, but have you seen it? What is your honest opinion about it?

Let’s start with the exterior. Many have asked whether it is an upgraded Avanza, however car magazines and websites have referred to it as the Baby Fortuner. Although we tend to agree with the Avanza comparison, the Rush is definitely larger inside and out, and with a ground clearance of 220m you should be able to drive comfortably on Namibian tar roads and some of our better gravel roads.

What the Rush isn't is a 4x4 vehicle. Sure, it has an excellent ground clearance as mentioned above, along with 31-degree approach and 26.5-degree departure angle but for our tougher roads and Namibian expeditions, we would rather suggest something more rugged. There are some rumours doing the rounds that an AWD model is in the making and will probably see this side of the border in 2019.

This budget SUV makes use of a 1.5-litre naturally-aspirated four-cylinder motor (no turbo unfortunately) but kicks out a supposed 77 kW and 136 Nm; transmission choices include the option of either a 5-speed manual gearbox or 4-speed automatic transmission. Fuel consumption proves to be quite economically average at 6.6l/100km, making it a fairly easy-going vehicle for your younger (and older) families on the go as it has a 50l tank as well.

On the inside the Rush features a 6-speaker, touchscreen audio system with USB and Bluetooth functionality, Android Auto Plus Show, Apple CarPlay and navigation. A dual-zone climate control and a 12V socket is also seen on the dashboard. The 3-spoke leather steering wheel makes driving and DJ’ing easier with its mounted controls. The vehicle also features electric and retractable side mirrors, auto-off LED headlights, an integrated reverse camera with park distance control, keyless entry and a push-start ignition. In terms of safety, a total of 6 airbags are fitted as well as ABS, Vehicle Stability Control (VSC) and Hill Control Assist (HCA).

And if we can chat about one thing that caught everyone’s eye – the loading space. Or boot as we all know it. This thing is huge, as in 609-litre loading capacity. Sure, we could have rather had another 2 seats in the back (and having the option to choose when purchasing the vehicle would have been nice) but honestly, this vehicle is made for you to go places, and to go places you need your stuff, and to have your stuff, you need the space. Right? Boom. Toyota Rush solves your problems!

There are a bunch of features that we have probably missed, but this will be best when viewed in person at your nearest Toyota dealership. Otherwise if we had to list everything, this article will probably never end!

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