Save your clutch part 2

Garwin Beukes - Last week we ran through a few wrongs of how your driving is killing your clutch.

Today we continue with our list.

  • Avoid free wheeling on stretches and downhills. I’ve learned that many do this to apparently save fuel, (very minimal) engaging the clutch to feel and then re-engaging to your original gear is using your clutch double as much as you would. Which in turn will cause a shorter life span.
  • Don’t use your clutch to help brake the car. This is just an over all bad idea. Your clutch costs way more than your brake pads do. When downshifting raise the revs by hitting the accelerator to smoothly synchronise the process.
  • Don’t launch from a traffic light like you’re in a drag race. High revving will cause a slipping clutch. Avoid teaching learner drivers, driving school instructors will tell you how fast they run through a clutch.
  • Don’t drop release the clutch Engage and disengage your clutch smoothly. Releasing your clutch to fast every time puts strain on it. The motor world refers to this as popping the clutch

Do you have advice that you would like to add to this? Feel free to send us a message!