Selling your car on NamAuto

Well, well, well. So you have thought about taking the step? And by that we mean, THE step - the one involving getting rid of that old sedan in your garage; perhaps it is the one you are currently driving on a daily basis but you kind of feel it cramps your unique style, or maybe it is that 4x4 you have been dreaming of since you were a kid but now it just stands in the yard and your wife gave you an ultimatum? Don't fear, NamAuto is here! And we will always be right 'here', on your mobile phone during lunch, on your PC at home, your tablet at the airport or your laptop at work (during lunch hours, obviously...).

What we do - we advertise our car, at your price and on your conditions. If you're not sure how much your car is worth in the retail market, you can look it up on our site! And we have the paperwork down, including the Roadworthy, Police Clearance and Registration processes.

It is super easy, and convenient, and fast! We have your attention now, so let us explain how you can sell your car from the convenience of your couch at home.

First thing's first - John Doe

Your details are of utter importance! To sell your car, we need to know who you are. We need your name, surname, and contact details (telephone and cellphone numbers, and an email address). Don't worry, your identity is safe with us. We care, and we won't share.

Car? What car?

As we have passed the times of 'car4sale' being painted on the back of a piece of carton, with a cellphone number scribbled on which may or may not prove to be legit, it is nice to know the specs of the vehicle you are selling. What brand and model is it? Year of model manufacture? If you need help with such details, don't stress - our team is here to help! Just give an accurate description of your vehicle to our personnel. And very important - kilometers on your odometer as on the day you want to sell. Accuracy is the key!

Every picture tells a story...

Snap a few pictures of your car from different angles. It is always nice to see the product that you are interested in! We can even do it for you if you're in Windhoek! Just tell us when it will suit you and we will send someone.

Other info from your side

'So, how much do you want for it?' That is the question it all comes down to. If you already have a reasonable price in mind, let us know. If you have no idea what to sell for, go to this page so we can assist. Something you can also let us know, is when do you want to sell it? Do you perhaps need some time to stay goodbye to your noble steed, or maybe you want to just get it over with as quick as possible.

So you can literally just enquire here and we'll get back to you! Easy hey? And now you can sit back, and scroll through the available vehicles, new and used, on our site at your own leisure.