Speed & Sound: Drag Wars

Garwin Beukes - The cross border drag battle event that took place on Saturday, October 28 and saw some of South Africa's finest dragsters go up against our local drag super heroes.

The racing commenced around 09h30 at the Okahandja airstrip and as usual, Namibia was as hot as can be.

As much as Namibians were hyped to see how well the South Africans would perform, everyone had their eyes fixed on three competitors.

  • Michael Van Zyl in his 'Madtuned' Volkswagen Golf 7R,
  • Morne (Pora) Wagner in his 'Team Dynamic' Nissan R35 GTR and
  • DeWaal Theunissen (the Namibian drag record holder) in his Toyota Levin.
Sadly Theunissen suffered some technical difficulties and had to drop out earlier than expected.

The closest and perhaps most exciting race was between Wagner's GTR and Van Zyl's 7R - Van Zyl, who was also victorious over South Africa's fastest 7R, turned out to be the victor on the day clocking 10.876, a few split seconds faster than Wagner who clocked a blistering 10.889.

Wagner expressed through social media his satisfaction of finally breaking the 11 second barrier and congratulated the two on their impressive performances.

Here are the times recorded on the day:

1st H Whatkins 12.143 (Speed and Sound)  - Kamakazi
2nd W Januarie 15.355 (Yellow Minion)
3rd S Rose 15.818 (White golf Mk1 – female racer)

S Basson 18.769

1st T Knipe 11.87 (Speed and Sound)
2nd C Jephta 12.995 (RMC with a VW Clubsport) – only official female racer in Namibia
3rd R Barth 13.164


N Angermund 14.734 (RMC)


V Knowles 12.097

1st M van Zyl 10.876
2nd Stunna (Phums) 11.231 (Revo Blue Golf 7R)
3rd Durlyne 11.43 (Revo Black Golf 7R)

1st T Tasneem 14.088 (Silver AMG)

1st Bennie Booysen 11.896(RMC)
2nd G Knowles 12.522

1st D Theunissen 11.016 9 (Blue Levine)

1st D Wagner 10.889 (GTR)
2nd I Jephta 10.921 (Clubsport)

1st Bradley Beukes 14.774

1st T Theunissen 16.064

1st B Beukes 13.424
2nd M Smit 13.714
3rd T Knowles 14.679

B2 (Bikes)
1st E Almeida 9.819
2nd M Husselmann 10.453
3rd R Husselmann 11.279