The 4x4 accessories you must have

​Garwin Beukes takes a look at what you can customise on your 4x4...


Protecting the front of your vehicle should be one of the first things on your bucket list. The frontal area consists of so many vital parts which can easily be damaged including the Headlights, radiator and other especially when you're driving through bushy or animal populated areas.


Investing in a good set of 4x4 tyres is a must. Your tyres are probably the first thing at risk when traveling, be it on gravel as well as Namibia's rusty tar roads. Needless to say more than one spare is preferable.

Backup Battery

Nothing beats a dead battery when you want to drive. With all our modern day appliances running in cars, the possibility of a dead battery is quite.

Tyre Pressure Monitor

A product we did a review on. Driving on the rough gravel road with a deflated tyre will cause extra slip or spin. Keeping all four tyres at the same tyre pressure is vital.

Tow strap

Either you or the next person on your trip, at some point some pulling out will be needed.

Next week we continue the list.

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