The Evolution of the Korando

SsangYong Motor's existence is a history of frontiers crossed and challenges met to achieve a better future. As a premier manufacturer in Korea's automotive industry, SsangYong is respected for its advanced styling and outstanding performance since its foundation in 1954, made possible by the company's quality engineering. The Korando, the oldest car brand with an SUV legitimacy in Korea, is made for both urban driving and outdoor leisure activities. It is an ideal brand for family use such as for family trips.

1982 Korando

'Korando' first came to the scene in the early '80s. In 1982, a brand called Korando was first introduced to the public at the Seoul International Trade Fair. In order to replace 'Jeep', which typically indicated 4WD vehicles, the name "Korando" was given meaning, 'Korean can do'.

In 1986, Korando attracted immense interest in the industry and set an astonishing record of being the first Korean automaker to export to the Japanese market in May of that year. Exporting Korando did not stop here. In 1988, starting from Norway it expanded its export activities into Northern Europe. This paved a way for SsangYong Motor in exploiting German market as the first among Korean automakers, as well as seeking opportunities in diversified European markets such as France and Italy.

Korando achieved a record again in the domestic automotive industry. It was the first in Korean automotive industry to win the 10th annual Cyprus Rally in 1990 and boasted outstanding performance. In this competition where vehicles competed in areas of speed, endurance, durability and jumping ability on unpaved roads, Korando was ranked first. Since then, it kept its winning streak for six consecutive years, gaining increasing recognition around the world.

SsanYong Korando | NamAuto
SsanYong Korando | NamAuto

1996 Korando

Korando released in July 1996 was a revolutionary combination of a unique style and Mercedes-Benz engine.

Winning the Argentine Pampas Rally, the Rally of Hell, and winning the Korean Design Award at the Baja Rally in Mexico helped in gaining world recognition for its design excellence.

Korando secured its place in the industry as an icon of youthfulness that freely roams around off roads and it was surveyed as the most desired vehicle among college students, reaching cumulative sales number of 360,000.

2011 Korando

It was the unique, charismatic design and evolving 4WD technology that contributed to the popularity of Korando across the globe. In the early days, Korando boasted an authentic 4WD-style with straight line exterior found in a typical Jeep. Since then, Korando has adopted a modern style with gentle curves as requested by customers.

As a result, SsangYong introduced a new version of Korando in 2011. SsangYong predicted that it would continue its brand tradition at the same time, rewrite the history of SUV. It boasted its stylish demeanour with an upgraded, luxurious exterior.

As a modern SUV, Korando maximized its sporty look and the boldness of an SUV by making drastic changes as if it were brand new while focusing on the front design. In addition, it was the first to apply a front safety camera among SUVs of the same category, maximized interior space to make it more pleasant and comfortable, and safety was also enhanced. Korando was newly born as a family SUV that everybody could enjoy.

SsanYong Korando | NamAuto
SsanYong Korando | NamAuto

2019 Korando

In 2019, SsangYong has returned with a completely reinvented All-new Korando with an entirely new, stylish and luxurious quality, contemporary exterior design, spacious interior, enhanced driver assistance and safety systems.

All-new Korando features a high-performance power train, SsangYong's smart AWD and a compact NVH design that provide outstanding driving performance and silence. It also employed state-of-the-art vehicle control technology, achieving the highest commercialization standard of Level 2.5 while increasing affordability and safety.

In addition, it has adopted top-notch seating space, creative storage space, and luxurious interior design, adding value as a family car with a sophisticated touch.

It is designed for young families who are pursuing a vibrant lifestyle and will appeal to people in need of a larger interior space for growing children and generous trunk space for their leisure equipment and daily chores.

With its unique and strong 4WD, Korando has been strengthening its identity as 'the will of Korea' and 'the 4WD of Korea'. And Korando proved its potential as an ideal family SUV. From a four-wheel drive for on and off-road to a tailor-made SUV for leisure activities, Korando has evolved over 30 years in history as an SUV that is built with drivers in mind, an SUV that represents Korea.