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NamAuto Takes on TV Challenge

The online advertising platform, NamAuto, who have been making headlines since their inception, will approach yet another platform for motoring entertainment: The NamAuto (television) Show. The NamAuto (television) Show is proudly driven by Standard Bank Namibia and will be aired on NBC 1 on Wednesdays between 19:30 – 20:00. The first episode will be aired on 7 February 2018.

The NamAuto online platform was established in April 2017 and provides motor related companies in Namibia the opportunity to advertise their products and services online at

The NamAuto website is a vehicle enthusiast’s paradise – car dealerships brag with the cars they have on offer; car accessory shops have their variety of products on display; insurance and financial institutions offer quotes and vehicle financing online; and you can even get prices on car tyres, rims and batteries online with just a few clicks. This list goes on and on - need a tracking device for your car? They’ve got it! Need the number of a transport company? Got it. Need a motorbike that can roar powerfully between traffic? You are sorted on

The NamAuto Show

This isn’t just beneficial for companies. Individuals now have a one-stop-shop where they can browse through motor related products and services endlessly. You can get the perfect car without spending the whole driving around in town. Perhaps you need step by step instructions on how to apply for vehicle financing to realise that dream car, or get an insurance quote for your current vehicle at home.

On to the television show! The NamAuto (television) Show which have its first screening on Wednesday, 7 February at 19:30 on NBC 1 already have a huge following on Social Media. Will it live up to the expectation? With thousands keeping track of the show’s every move, one has to wonder whether it will give us everything it promises to.

The NamAuto Show is driven by Standard Bank Namibia, which is a major role player for vehicle financing in Namibia.

General Manager of NamAuto, Niël Van Vuuren, says the show will highlight Namibian events, including drag racing, spinning, and drifting as well as test drives with a variety of vehicles. In depth interviews with motor related companies and individuals can be expected, as well as loads of other surprises and entertainment which will focus on the motor industry in Namibia.

Interesting enough, Van Vuuren said they have a “NamAuto car” which will feature in the series and compete in the various events. Viewers are advised to be on the lookout for this vehicle, since there will be weekly competitions whereby individuals can win prizes when taking a selfie with this vehicle.

He also said the show is 100% Namibian owned adding that the production staff all are Namibian. “Amongst other we are in partnership with NBC and will air every episode on NBC 1.” Van Vuuren said.

Local celebrities have already been earmarked for interviews with their rides, while we will also receive a weekly dosage of Windhoek Go Karting Entertainment.

It is sufficient to say we are counting the days down!

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