The National Go-kart Championships

Cobie Bok - The feel of formula one racing had young and old striving to be the next Michael Schumacher at the Go-Kart championships.

Chairman of the Windhoek Motor Club Richard Slamet said he was pleased with the entries on the day and how well participants performed.He said, “I was a multiple club and national karting champion in my youth but now my son has taken over the racing reigns from me and he is the one holding the family name and traditions high”.

Richard Slamet junior, now 13-years-old won the 2017 Max National Go-karting championship.

Slamet junior said “I am 13 years old and the 2017 Junior Max National Karting Champion. I am the karting circuit record holder and also became the youngest ever main circuit competitor this year during leg 1 of the National series which took place on the 3rd of March 2018. I take part in both main circuit and karting”

The championship takes place during the year and consists of 6 legs of 3 heats each. It takes place throughout the year at the Tony Rust Karting Circuit just outside Windhoek on your way to Daan Viljoen.

There are three types of National Go-Karting classes, the Maxterino class, for children between the ages of seven and 12 years old. Junior Max class for teenagers from 13 to 16 years old and then there is the Senior Max which is for men 17 years and older

The National championship series and each event has trophies for the day and scores points toward the overall National Championship.

Expectations are high. This is some of the closest and nail-biting racing that you will ever see. With high speeds and mere centimetres between racers. “This is the true foundation for any future main circuit or rally racer to start of their career in the best possible way.” said Richard Slamet.

Next on the schedule is a karting event on 21 April 2018, 9h00 at the Tony Rust Karting Circuit.