The Perfect Father’s Day Gifts on a Budget

Well Father’s Day is on the way and we all know what many Dad’s are secretly hoping to get. For those of us that aren’t in the position to fork out for a brand new car; sit back, relax and we’ll take you through The Perfect Father’s Day Gifts on a Budget.

1. Top-Up His Tyres

All tyres get worn out, damaged, or eventually need replacing. Imagine what someone changing them as a gift would mean to you? NamAuto Namibia is partnered with some of the nation’s finest outlets; where you can order online and get the tyres, tread and accessories to give the gift of convenience to Dad this Father’s Day.

2. Book A Test Drive

One of the quickest ways to get him behind the wheel is to book Dad a test drive in that model he’s been eyeing. You’ll be doing him a favour by sorting out the administration and although you won’t be buying the car, you’ll still play a part in making Dad’s dreams happen.

Simply get online to NamAuto and we’ll help you find the dealer and the model that you need. Once Dad is ready to purchase, we can assist with the finance, insurance and the vehicle registration too.

3. Pack on the Protective Coating

For the Dad that really puts his car through its paces, why not gift him a layer that protects it too?

NamAuto Namibia is proud to be partnered with LINE-X Protective Coating; the ultimate defense against the harsh elements that threaten your vehicle. Contact us online regarding a quote and we’ll do the rest. Treat Dad to the aesthetics and security that he’s been longing for.

4. Revamp Those Rims

A good looking wheel never hurt anyone so spice up Dad’s ride and improve performance with a brand new set of vehicle rims. With a multitude of signature styles and sizes, Tyrerack rims will be sure to set your Dad apart from the rest.

Get them from NamAuto by clicking on the size you want and requesting a quotation.

It’s a simple, significant and a surefire way to impress this Father’s Day. When it comes to Father’s Day we all have the perfect “Thank You” in mind. The truth is that sometimes it just isn’t possible or suitable for our pocket.

We’re here to help you thank your Dad with a few things that can make his day.

So go ahead, visit before this Father’s Day!