The Thunderous Jaguar XE

Garwin Beukes - The lion might be the king of the jungle, but the Jaguar XE most certainly rules the street.

The XE would work well as a Bond car– It's elegant, sleek, sexy, all while being incredibly powerful, agile and beastly, and not to mention incredibly fast.

After driving in a Range Rover Sport and a Jaguar XF, the XE delivered an astounding amount of torque and thundering roar that kept me wanting more of this red monster. Despite being elegantly designed on the exterior, the interior boasts an array of top of the line technology, attention to detail finishes.

Fine black leather seats add an element of sophistication and sportiness, the multi-functional steering wheel allows the driver to stay in control of all the digital functions and not steer his/her attention away from the road.

A tap on the acceleration will send the XE thrusting forward while letting out a loud growl, turning heads in the process – the XE is a true jungle cat. That might be because of its high performance engines.

The 3.0 litre V6 supercharged petrol engine is adapted specifically for the XE. A Roots-type twin vortex supercharger is mounted in the ‘V' between the two rows of cylinders for compact dimensions. It provides linear delivery of power and maximizes responsiveness of the engine’s torque, stated.

The 2.0 litre 4-cylinder 163PS Turbocharged Diesel is refined and highly efficient. Low-flow direct injectors precisely control the amount of fuel that enters the combustion chamber for maximum efficiency.

Intelligent, electronically controlled, adaptive engine cooling only engages when required – minimizing fuel consumption and CO2 emissions. This doesn't deter the driver from still experiencing full driving pleasure.

The swift shifts of the 8-speed automatic transmission provides a smooth ride especially when driving at a higher speed. Featuring a contemporary Satin Black rotary selector – the transmission is responsive, smooth and efficient and offers even quicker shifts and sportier kick-down in Dynamic Mode, and earlier up-shifts in Eco Mode. You can also opt to manually control gearshifts, via steering wheel paddles, at the flick of your finger.

From the interior to the exterior, the Jaguar XE pays attention to the refinement and details when it comes down to the design. Aerodynamic performance is a key function of XE’s body design. The race car-inspired underbody protection and diffuser is designed to make XE as efficient, economical and refined as possible.

On one of Namibia's winding roads, many other vehicles might have been scared to take on the curves, however the XE performs both on the straight lines and around the bends with equal tact. 

Driving the XE was certainly an amazing experience and will not be easily conquered.