Toyota Automark

Garwin Beukes - To most of us, it is just “Toyota Second hand”, but there's a bit more to it.

Automark was created for existing vehicle owners who want to trade in their old car for a new Toyota. An easier process and at times more cost effective as supposed to going through the hassle's of selling your car first.

Nico Genis, manager at Automark, says that every month their fastest sales are usually single cab Hilux bakkies, whether 2x4 or 4x4.

What makes Automark different from your average second hand dealer? The assurance of your vehicle's immaculate condition. Genis says every time they sell a car they will give the buyer an Automark certificate. This means the car was checked thoroughly for any faults by certified mechanics who will repair or replace any given fault on the vehicle.

Pupkewitz Automark NamAuto
Nico Genis, Automark's manager

They also have optional extended warranty as well as pre owned warranty deals one can buy.

The team, consisting of the manager, five salesmen and three employees at the wash bay, also has a dedicated employee in charge of vehicle finance and insurance, ensuring that applications are processed faster and more efficient.

Stepping into the Automark section is remarkable and truly what every dealership should draw inspiration from!

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