Toyota GT 86

Garwin Beukes - Still one of Toyota’s most innovative build's ever.

So opposed to our usual tests, we decided to take a full day with Toyota’s GT 86. Right off the bat, we enjoyed this car. Our driver who has had six two-door cars in his lifetime, already had a bias of the 4.2m long sporty two-door Toyota.

The 86 is proclaimed to be one of the most compact four-seater sports cars out there. The term “four-seater” however isn’t too accurate. Two brilliantly designed bucket seats covered either in a combination of leather and a material called Alcantara on the High end models or a suede like material in the standard. Justifiably criticised for the very little leg room, it’s safe to say the two seats in the back can be reserved for children.

More on what makes this car special:

  • Rear-wheel drive mania.
  • Corners (traction control of) are amazing.

We took the 86 on a track and tested whether the over-exaggerated handling truly was what the experts said it would be, and to our surprise, the 86 took corners like none in its class.

The 86 comes with either 16” or 17” rims, the up model also comes with a digital speedometer while the auto versions come with a shift light.

Every bit of detailing makes this car lovable - the hand-stitching and an embossed ‘86’ logo. The frameless windows and rear view mirror are quite classy. A red start/stop button on the centre console, carbon effect trim, black roof lining, red upholstery stitching, aviation-style switches and aluminium pedals all add to very sweet ride.

Seven Airbags, these fitted in: driver, passenger, side, curtain and driver’s knee bag. Performance 0-100km/h in 7.6sec (8.2 for the auto) and 226 and 210km/h respectively. Fuel consumption 7.8 and 7.1 litres/100 km respectively.

If this isn’t the most affordable race car that can double as a classy city car ever, then I don’t know where else to look.