Trying out diesel?

Garwin Beukes - Not long ago the choice wasn't that hard when diesel use to be a smelly, dirty fuel combusted in an engine that sounds like a truck. Now diesel has been winning the 24 Hours Le Mans race for the past five years!

Why most people end up using diesel fuel is simply because it's cheaper. 20 to 30 per cent cheaper to be exact. With all their technological betterment's, diesel engines are now turbocharged as well, which means at times diesel versions are faster or have more power.

On the other hand, diesel engines emit more CO2 per litre of fuel used than petrol-powered cars. Also diesel versions are usually more expensive than your petrol variants. Their service and insurance cost are usually more pricey too. One of the biggest factors would also be depreciation.

Taking all these factors into account, trying out a diesel could actually be a very good choice depending what your biggest worries are.