Garwin Beukes - Windhoek Spin City in collaboration with the Tsumeb municipality hosted a spin show at the Puma Farm House in Tsumeb on Saturday.

Local spinning giants, Peter Opali (Most Wanted) and Emmanuel Ekomu (Driver), were accompanied by the renowned female spinner, Evanka Moller, Team Damo as well as prodigy Wambu Seun.

The group performed at the annual Copper festival where approximately 2000 spectators showed.

Ekomu said he was particularly impressed with Moller who has since her first attempt, improved rapidly. “She's a natural, you can see it when she gets into the car. She's a born star,” he said.

Locals also joined in on the fun, spinning their quad bikes and doing burnouts with super bikes.

Opali said this was the first ever spin show held in Tsumeb and ensured that it definitely wouldn't be the last.