Garwin Beukes - If there’s one thing that attracts a lot of attention, it’s a set of rims!

The reason you’ve probably heard of the name TyreRack, is because of their incredibly wide range of rims. Bakkies to sedans to off-roaders, they stock almost every type of rim and tyre alike.

A quick peak into the shop and the first thing that hit’s you is the glare from the pretty Rotiforms, Vossen and BBS replica rims. Further down the line you’re greeted by the big and wide Mercedes Benz and BMW replica rims, the list goes on. They stock a variety of rims from 13” to 20” and even bigger!

Whats more impressive is their range of tyres. After all they are called ‘TyreRack’. I was particularly impressed with their odd sizes.

Being a very picky person I was on a hunt for a tyre that would do a slight stretch on my 9j 15” Equip rims but at the same time be a low enough profile to draw emphasis on the deepness of the rims dish (I know this may sound like a lot but wait for it).

After a long day’s search at a few places I finally found my tyres at no one other than… TyreRack! A 195-40-15 Roadstone.

People love the Roadstone tyres because it’s of exceptional quality and they come at a decent price, since it’s a TyreRack house brand.

Apart from rims and tyres, they also sell batteries, Maxtrack lowering kits, Revo and Raptor kits, Turtle Wax exterior polish kits and a few other must-have extras.

TyreRack also provides services including, wheel alignment and fitment, strip and fit balancing as well as Nitrogen fill ups which is done for free.

Summing it all up - TyreRack is your one stop shop for all your wheel needs!