Garwin Beukes - All over the world car enthusiasts who specify in the “Stance” category have been experimenting with stretched tyres.

The idea is to stretch a slim low profile tyre over a wider rim, making a space between the edge of the rim and tyre. A look considered to be exceptionally good looking by many.

How risky is it however?

First off your rim is more exposed, so the chance of street damage is more. Hitting a pothole will surely damage your rim as there's less protection by the tyre. It's safe to say that these tyres are subject to a lot more wear and tear. The stretch places more than normal pressure on the sidewalls and could cause irregular tyre wear.

The amount of stretch you attempt will also influence the factors stated above. There are a lot of myths regarding the dangers and goods of stretched tyres.

The only pro would be that it looks quite good, considering whether it is done the right way