White Tyre Lettering

Garwin Beukes - Make no mistake, white tyre lettering is nothing new.

Since I can remember, people have been buying tyres with white lettering. Why it's a trendy topic now is because auto-stylers can manually do it on your existing tyres.

We've seen different way's to it: a white Tyre Paint pen as well as tyre stickers for the sidewalls.

The most attractive thus far has been the rubber tyre letters which looks a lot more fitting than some of the other methods.

One of the rubber tyre letter advantages are that you can have any lettering on it. Whether it be a company name or just something fun. The look makes your car look a lot more sporty and probably a lot more unique!

Although we always recommend having the professionals do it, next week we'll look at how you can do it at home with the right tools. We'll also talk about keeping it clean.