Why should you use NamAuto?

Well, not to blow our own horn, but we are pretty awesome. And we are easily accessible. And we are local. And we support other local companies.​ And we strive towards success. 

But let's rewind a bit.

NamAuto is born on Namibian soil and we are proud of our sunny Nation and our friendly people. What more unique than a Namibian company supporting other Namibian companies and individual Namibians? There is no better place to be, than in the land where the sands meet the sea!

We celebrate diversity like true Namibians

If you have a look at our website, you will see new cars, used cars, bikes, insurance companies, vehicle finance institutions, rims, tyres, parts, and a lot more. We believe every detail of a car is important, inside and outside; to ensure that you as the consumer get the best. Whether it be from a vehicle that you have owned for many years and many more to come, to a new vehicle, fresh from the transport truck.

Easy peasy lemon squeezy

We make sure that our website is as user friendly as possible, while maintaining quality and variety. You can visit our site from your phone, your tablet, your laptop or your PC at home, on holiday, during lunch or even at the Welwitchia's rugby game.

You can pick and choose from brands, models, price range and location. We even have extra options such as heated seats, roof racks, central locking and much more, just to help making the search easier. And let's face it, we sometimes do not have the time, or the energy, to go to each individual place to go see whether they have the specific part that you need. Or perhaps you just want to view the specs on a second hand car. Booking a test drive is also much easier, as you can do it on our site while you view additions that you can put on your new car.

Extra! Extra! Read all about it!

We try to keep you updated with news regarding our Namibian dealerships, competitions held by some of our clients, maintenance and road tripping tips. We would also like to keep you up to date with reviews of the products that we advertise and great deals that you can find on our site. Those kind of deals that make you look twice and go 'Wow!'. Upcoming motor events are also important, whether it be a 4x4 day or advertising at one our many Namibian festivals.

Namibian laws with regards to traffic regulations, or perhaps new acts that will have an effect on your purchases, will also be featured on our website, to make sure you do not get into any predicaments.

The power of many

NamAuto reaches out to as many Namibians as possible; and would love to stay connected even after you get the products that you originally contacted us for. With as many online users, it is easier to reach out to everyone when selling your car; and gives a buyer a wider selection of vehicles when choosing a new car, which will fit like a glove to your needs.

So come visit us at www.namauto.com and see how we can help you today!