Honda Africa Twin CRF1000L

After more than a decade of keeping in the background, the Africa Twin recently emerged to appear at the top once more.

With two options to choose from, a six speed manual or Honda's slick new dual clutch semi auto, the Honda Africa Twin brags with new age rider-assist electronics but is still just as rugged to take on the off road trips that you have planned each and every weekend. To make sure that you are comfortable, they added a 21-inch front wheel to the mix - effortlessly taking on both the highway and the adventurer's way. You will find yourself sitting comfortably in a perfect riding position, seat height is adjustable between 850 and 870mm, all while having complete control over the high set handlebars whether you are sitting down or standing on the footpegs.

The brakes (ABS is standard on the ABS and DCT types) feature 310mm ‘wave’ style, twin floating front discs with Nissin 4-pot radial calipers for plenty of feel and strong stopping power. Rear disc is a 256mm ‘wave’ style with a 1-pot caliper. Another feature taken straight from our off-road machines is the rubber mounted handlebar clamp. This dramatically reduces any vibration and shock when landing from a jump.

For safety on mountainous terrains, the Africa Twin also features an aluminium assist slipper clutch, to help stop the rear wheel from locking up under fast down-changes. Here's what really adds to the Africa Twin’s true off-road capability: the DCT, Honda Selectable Torque Control (HSTC) and ABS work together, but they can also be independently set to give you 80 different possible combinations. In other words, you can adapt the Africa Twin’s response to suit you - whether it be your skills or what the terrain of the day demands. No other bike of its type can do this. Up or downhill, on or off-road, the Africa Twin is the perfect companion.

It might sound like it is too good to be true, but watch the below review by Auto Trader to a first hand experience.

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