Pupkewitz Toyota

Toyota, being the world leader it is, famously has some of the most regimented training required in the motor industry. When you buy a Toyota, be assured you are buying a history of excellence backed by superior sales service and unmatched after-sales care.

“Our CE (Customer Experience) numbers are impartially calculated in South Africa monthly, and we strive to do our best every month. And we’re constantly improving our workflow! We’re always trying to make it just that much easier for our customers to own and maintain a Toyota.” - Anton Westraadt (Dealer Principal, Pupkewitz Toyota)

New and used Toyota cars for sale from Pupkewitz Toyota in Namibia. Pupkewitz Toyota is Namibia's number one Toyota dealer group that sell quality new and second hand Toyota's in the Namibian Market. NamAuto is the best online platform to search for quality new and pre-owned Toyota's in Naimibia.

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